Since 1976, IFP Automation has been dedicated to delivering high value service to our customers as a premier supplier of technical systems and components.

Our Mission Statement:

IFP Automation – MIDpro Fluid Power are on a mission to bring innovation, technical skill, and streamlined solutions to the complex problems our customers are experiencing in this changing world. We help unlock your machine potential through leveraging unique industrial hardware, software, and engineering services. IFP provides in house manufactured systems, fluid power motion control, electrical automation, robotic and safety products and systems to help our mobile and industrial customers provide quality-state of the art products to their customers.

2019 – MIDpro Fluid Power & Automation Acquisition

MIDPro was established in 1986 and for more than 30 years MIDpro have been dedicated to developing supportive relationships with its clients, offering technical expertise & high-quality solutions. This acquisition allows IFP to significantly expand our customer base throughout Indiana as well as the way we help those customers solve problems with expanded offerings in pneumatics, automation, robotics and electro-mechanical offerings.

IFP Automation adds a dedicated application engineering team, significant integration services as well as internal manufacturing capabilities. IFP is a Parker Hydraulics Technology Center, expanding the MIDpro offerings by adding products from the world’s premier hydraulic and connectors manufacturer, Parker Hannifin. IFP also represents ABB products, which includes industrial automation (B&R division), safety (Jokab division), robotics and control components used in panel building.

2016 – Our 40th Anniversary

IFP Automation celebrated its 40th year in business in 2016. Today, more than ever, our mission statement is what guides us towards the future.

2015 – Indianapolis Engineering Technology Office

IFP Automation expands our footprint in order to better meet the increasing engineering development support needs of our customers for both control systems and fluid power products.

2002 – Electrical & Controls Solutions

Many of IFP Automation’s customers experienced a lack of engineering focused providers of electronic control systems and associated accessories. IFP formally introduces these products in order to meet the needs of mobile OEMS, industrial OEMS, end users, and systems integrators.

1999 – Value Add Capabilities

IFP launches our Value Add Services group which include the designing and manufacturing of custom solution and assemblies by utilizing products from partner manufacturers, as well as IFP designed solutions.  This service significantly reduces the labor impact to our customers of using many of our systems products.

1980’s – Growth Facilitated by an Engineering Driven Culture

IFP’s growth was driven by a founding principal: that strong engineering capabilities are principle to fully serving our customers. Our company experienced strong growth by recognizing that engineering knowledge of our products was a requirement to being the best in our field.

1976 – Founded as Indiana Fluid Power

IFP Automation was originally founded as Indiana Fluid Power in Ft Wayne, Indiana in 1976, as a distribution source of hydraulic components and associated services.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.56.56 AM
An original Indiana Fluid Power advertisement from 1976